SEKUNDERNA: Tiden Är En Dröm: 12”EP

Nov 20, 2023

These Swedes deliver six tracks of power pop goodness with a slightly meatier sound than previous releases. The fuller sound gives the songs a bit more punch. The opening track, “Systemet,” is more instrumental than song, with an intro for close to a minute before a minimalist lyric joins in for a shorter period. It’s an excellent start to the proceedings and sets up the subsequent four tracks nicely, before the melancholic “Ålidhem” closes the record in style. What I’ve always liked about Sekunderna is how the majority of its songs keep an even, effortless pace whilst still getting my head nodding, feet tapping, and my hands air drumming along. This is no different. My involvement is there from the off. Tiden Är En Dröm has a gorgeously positive feeling to it, even though I actually have no idea what the songs are about. –Rich Cocksedge (Rockstar, [email protected],

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