SEINE: Sno Sna: CD

May 23, 2018

Seine is a Croatian alternative band that has put out a slew of releases since 2014. Sno Sna begins with a series of melancholic tracks, which reach peak in intensity at “Privatno Tijelo.” “Bubamara” fractures the track list with a warmer and happier mood, with countertenor vocals seemingly inspired by Tiny Tim. The album fleshes out its downtrodden tone a bit more, but finishes on a wistfully positive note with “Ljubav.” The vocal performances are a highlight on this album, where the singing is expressive, but also hushed and tamed. The instrumentation throughout this record is a bit generic, but generally matches the mood of the vocals well. The mood cultivated is touching (if not a bit derivative of past alternative bands), and most fans of quiet indie records could probably enjoy this. –Anna Farr (Moonlee,