SECT: Self-titled: LP

Aug 02, 2017

“Vegan. Straightedge. Old.” That’s how Sect self-identify. It’s an identity you can hear blasting out your speakers from the ‘90s-hardcore-tinged breakdown riffs, to the pointed lyrics of their songs. It’s hard to not take notice of the supergroup status of a band featuring current and former members of Earth Crisis, Cursed, Fall Out Boy, and other bands—and sure there’s a bit of ‘90s nostalgia at work here for me—but I thought this album ripped from start to finish. It takes some bands multiple releases—and many years of work—to craft the selection of bangers Sect have assembled on their self-released debut LP. This is sure to inspire not only a new generation of kids to X up and not eat meat, but might even bring a few old grizzled ones out of mosh retirement. –Paul J. Comeau (Sect,