SEB RADIX: The Darbi Sex EP: 12” EP

Feb 05, 2020

Four majestically crafted and diverse-sounding French pop songs from this eccentric Lyon punk. The two songs on the A Side are both in English and offer up a potent amount of bounce with direct lyrical themes that most every punkperson with a heart can relate to. Side B est dans français and kicks off with some gritty, heavy, Seger-style (Bob, not Pete) rocking, before culminating the EP with a serenading and elegantly executed ballad. As usual from Seb, you get a final product that’s not only rich on creativity, but masterfully carried out. And you gotta respect the brutal honesty in a line like: “I’ve loved a lot of bands, musicians, singers, songwriters. Some that I’ve met, some I’ve met and regret…” –Daryl (Ligature / Musique Rasoire / Assos ‘Y’ Song / Bad Health, [email protected])