SEA LILIES: Soonest: 12” EP

Jul 25, 2018

Cool, muscular, guitar-heavy stuff with a post-punk vibe to it. Swaggering and Wire-like at times—dynamic and confidently veering and well-executed, with a fully-realized sound for a three-piece. The highly stylized orange and white cover art illustration of a disgruntled office guy staring into a fishbowl and instead of a fish, there’s another little him inside the bowl is both pretty smart and not quite indicative of the contents. Features members of the Thumbs and Sick Sick Birds, which hopefully perks your ears up. As a six-song 12”, Soonest make a solid case—instead of waiting for it to be over, you’re left wanting more. Nicely done. Looking forward to more from these folks. –Keith Rosson (Tired As A Chicken,