SCUMBURBIA #2, $10, 5½” x 8½”, black and white, 44 pgs.

May 25, 2021

A comic by occasional Razorcake contributor Sam Grinberg about some high school alternative types with names like Spunk, Spike, Squeezy, and Jughandle. The “A” plot centers around an obnoxious shaved head kid (I never caught his name) who eats like a slob and makes fun of everyone around him. Slobby (We’ll call him that) has only one goal and that’s to hit up the fast food spot Wing World before the day is over. And inadvertently alienate himself from his cohorts in the process. Slobby is such a bad boy. The much more enjoyable “B” plot involves lil’ punks Spike and Spunk trying to score booze so they can gain access to the cool kids’ party happening at Jughandle’s house later. The booze comes somewhat easily but keeping it hidden at school proves to be more difficult after it’s misplaced after a bomb scare. Grinberg has a very detailed yet cartoony style with a lot of black ink. The artwork is strictly black and white with only a single page having any grey. Some of his characters have The Simpsons vibes to them. Jughandle looks like she jumped Marge, stole her pearls, and copied her hairdo. Sam Grinberg does do character designs for The Simpsons so we’ll allow it. My favorite character is the mute, wide-eyed, weird grinning Spike. It’s a funny and nice-looking comic that deserves your attention. And heck, it even comes with a free Wing World take-out menu. –Rick V. (