SCULPTURE CLUB: A Place to Stand: CS

Aug 23, 2016

First the plug: if you are into DIY punk and indie music and you have not downloaded Razorcake’s Tear A Cognita series (for free!) then you are really missing out. I first heard Salt Lake City’s Sculpture Club when they called themselves JAWWZZ!! and opened TAC #1 with their track, “Is Blooming Not a Sickness?” I like that track very much with its fuzzy bass lines, jangly guitars, and garage-goth appeal. Now I get to hear the full length under the band’s new name and it does not disappoint. Great songwriting, solid musicianship, and thoroughly dark vibes make for one hell of a late night listening party. A Place to Stand is also the initial release (001) for Deli Boy Records whose online presence can be found on Facebook. Since when is Salt Lake City cool? –Jon Mule (Deli Boy)