SCOTT YODER: You’ll Never Know: 7”

Sep 26, 2019

I crossed paths with this band while they were playing on the small patio at a women’s pinball tournament, but I was not unfamiliar with them. The singer and namesake of said band, Scott Yoder, was the front person of a band I used to see in college called The Pharmacy. It was pleasantly nostalgic to see elements of that group from years ago morphed into new and fresh directions. Their music and look of the band effortlessly blends David Bowie and Adam Ant in a dreamy glam-inspired soundscape with sleepy, airy vocals. It’s somewhat goth and gloomy, though the title track starts off with the guitar lead from “Paint It Black,” and reprises it after the chorus. It’s the closest I’ll get to the Stones. While I like what’s on it, I have to say this was my first experience with a lathe cut record and I honestly thought my turntable was broken and needed replacing. The grooves on these handmade records are not as deep as those pressed at plants, and as a result I had to weigh down the cassette with quarters until the needle caught the song. They also are quieter than other records, so make sure to play it loud. They’re putting out a 7” single every other month, so if you like this, there’s five more to grab before the year is out. –Kayla Greet (Spirit Animals)