SCOTT SAVAGE: Memento Mori: 7”

May 24, 2022

The debut release on Jeff Clayton’s Longhaired Weirdo Records, this 7” is a nifty repress of a glorious 1978 garage rock single with a heavy Velvet Underground influence. Scott Savage was the singer of the Charlotte band Streets Living Theater. He died tragically in 2021, but his music lives on with this well-deserved revival. Remastered with new deluxe packaging, this is available on two different colors of vinyl: red and blue. Call it punk adjacent if you like, but I’m fairly certain that only the best freaks in any given town were into sounds this out-there in the 1970s. An excellent label debut if ever there was one; it’s going to be a pleasure to check out whatever Longhaired Weirdo puts out next. –Art Ettinger (Longhaired Weirdo,

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