SCORPIOS, THE: Scorpios Vol. 2: LP

Jan 31, 2018

Man, it is a difficult situation to “fill” Tony Sly’s shoes, but I feel like Chris Cresswell really rose to the occasion here. It’s been six years since their last record and five years since the loss of Sly that a lot of people are still feeling. Scorpios are a four-piece project whose only real prerequisite is to have been born between October twenty-third and November twenty-first. As a Capricorn myself, we’re supposedly the most compatible as far as Zodiac signs go. And as far as music goes, we’re pretty simpatico as well. My one hang up is minor—I’ve just never been a huge fan of a heavy twang in vocals. So the Jon Snodgrass songs are not my favorites, though I agree that he’s a wonderful musician and songwriter. Joey Cape is an old, familiar voice thanks to years of prolific Lagwagon output, but you don’t always get to hear him slowed down and accompanied by a piano like this. (Though “The Doorman’s Final Call” helmed by the newcomer from The Flatliners is the track I keep coming back to. It’s beautifully intimate and a little haunting.) The arrangement on “Cops on St. Andrew’s” is somewhat jovial with a bright piano melody and soft drums just in the background. The final track, “Five Minute Walk” was written by Sly and is a sweet and touching song to go out on. It’s a record I’d recommend for moments of reflection and contemplation. If you ever need some thinking time to yourself, bring this along with you. –Kayla Greet (Fat / One Week)