Jan 30, 2019

Albums capturing The Scientists’ long legacy beginning with the origins of Australian punk have finally been trickling out over the past few years in the form of several comps and album re-issues. The band’s sound changed over their long discography. While the band more or less pulled off their various phases, their early punk singles and first LP are much beloved and are now becoming easier to track down. The second single is an ultra-punk-classic out of people’s hands for too long. Numero has re-released the four-song 7” including the catchy, power pop-tinged, “Last Night”: a blueprint for the raw end of power pop where rock distortion and snotty vocals are honed into harmonies and then back out of control. “Pissed on Another Planet” shows more of the controlled chaos making classics out of the songs on this essential four-song EP. –Billups Allen (Numero)