SCIENCE MAN: Nines Mecca: LP

Sep 22, 2022

Well, if you’ve ever thought that 1) That first Die Kreuzen album took its foot off the gas too much, 2) Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing might have been a half-decent album if it were by someone other than Discharge, 3) the Action Swingers Desolation Boulevard was entirely too cutesy for its own good, 4) Zeke were kind of okay before the innate repulsion of the bro-rock vibe took full root, or 5) Nig-Heist’s black-ink-on-brown-cardboard album cover should have been even creepier, Science Man has your particular market niche covered. This appears to be a war on something, quite possibly the human nervous system. This record is also kinda like sticking your head in a blender, except you don’t have to wash your hair afterwards. When the guy sings, “In the future I will find a cure for the future,” you have no doubt he will do exactly that, and I’m not entirely sure I would be down with it. Do we give this guy the Infinity Gems, or wait to see if we can trade them for that Bill Russell rookie card? It’s a fair question. BEST SONG: “Poach the Mind’s Eye.” BEST SONG TITLE: Well, “Super Charger” is kinda funny, considering. Also “Healer,” like the Sweet song of the same name, because if I were ever to produce a TV commercial for a national pizza delivery chain, I’d license that song’s refrain of “DELIVER ME! DELIVER ME! DELIVER ME-EEEE!” as the bed music. Science Man’s song is less pizza-conducive, however. FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: This is the only time I have seen a one-word sentence where the one word has been “lop.”–Rev. Nørb (Swimming Faith, / Feral Kid,