Science Man: Nines Mecca (2022), VHS

Sep 22, 2022

Science Man, a hardcore band from Buffalo, N.Y., brings the world a visual companion piece to their record Nines Mecca. That’s right! The video album has made its way back from the dusty shelves of the rental store where Green Jellÿ’s Cereal Killer and Public Enemy’s Tour of a Black Planet immediately come to mind.

This tape features ten music videos filmed and directed by John Toohill. Each video is unique with themes of mind control, light kink business, and gore. The videos go from being somewhat cheery with “Part 1: Poach the Mind’s Eye.” They get darker as the program continues until it circles back around with “Part 10: Old Timer.” This film has a great quality for something obviously low budget. The stop motion animations and costumes by Lindsay Tripp are beautiful and somewhat creepy. There is some rotoscoping and green screen effects that are eye catching but not overdone.

In the twenty-one minute program you get blood, black latex, nudity, death, cults, some weird business with balloons, and ten solid songs from Science Man. It kind of reminds of the music videos that accompany the Nine Inch Nails album Broken, except slightly less S&M imagery. The tape comes nicely packaged in a clamshell box along with a little art zine. By the time this review comes out, it may be sold out. But lucky for you, the videos are free to watch online. –Rick V. (