Science Man: Mince’s Cane (2023) VHS

May 15, 2023

Buffalo hardcore outfit Science Man brings you another twelve minutes of surreal music videos as a companion piece to their latest EP. I reviewed their last video offering Nines Mecca a couple of issues back. Like the last set of videos, these were put together by Johnny Toohill and Lindsay Tripp and, surprisingly, they aren’t just reusing ideas. The first video “Give to the Plague” starts with a small ornamental box opening to animated cut-outs of eyeballs, mouths, and little knick-knacks going berserk to the heavy rock’n’roll riffage. The box closes and is the centerpiece of the rest of the seven videos.

I recently watched a few of the Hellraiser movies (What’s up with the last half of Hellraiser 2?) and these videos remind me of those movies except with a splash of color, less leather and more cardboard, duct tape, and plastic. Imagine if the cenobites emerged from a bag of Skittles in an episode of My Little Pony. It’s dark, chaotic, semi-gory, choppy, and partially animated goodness. It’s only twelve minutes, so you can watch it with your morning cup of coffee. And then throw up that coffee.–Rick V. (

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