Is this what they call “post-rock”? It’s like a pneumatic gathering of riffs, certainly not in any discernable or traditional “song” kinda manner, and there’s a Tad-like rocker guy voice, and it’s all tough as hell without really being hook-laden, per se, and if II were the score to a film, it would show some guy in a garbage-strewn labyrinth—this ripped, oily, sweaty post-apocalyptic dude in motorcycle boots and board shorts—and there’s a bunch of klaxons and flashing red lights all around, and he’s beating a bunch of androids to bits with a pipe while trying to find the end of this cursed maze, where, like, his motorcycle is waiting or something. Either that or it sounds like a beefier Some Girls with waaaay longer songs. Your call. –Keith Rosson (Big Neck)