Jan 30, 2019

With a touch of hardcore, a hint of garage rock, and a healthy dose of no wave weirdness, Science Man is an epic experiment that will have you cackling with glee. A one-man recorded project of musical mad scientist John Toohill, the unusual amalgam of influences worked so well you’d think Mark Mothersbaugh (Devo), John Brannon (Negative Approach), and the character Doc Brown from Back to the Future were collaborators. While the first five tracks amp you up and get you rocking out, the closing track “Airport Undergrounded,” is a three-minute excursion of instrumental and electronica that slowly builds to an epic crescendo, then fades to a steady hum. You’ll be laughing maniacally as you rewind the tape to play this again and again. –Paul J. Comeau (More Power, [email protected])