SCARCITY OF TANKS: Ringleader Lies: CD

Jan 18, 2017

Twenty-two tracks of jumpy, jerky post-punk made by people who shred in very intentionally strange ways. And it’s a whole lot of people—almost twenty, according to the insert, including members of Nada Surf, Wilco, Swans, and so on. Weird, right? The vocals have that just-barely-off-key quality between shouting and singing that’s so deceptively difficult to pull off. Sort of a Nation Of Ulysses or Fugazi feeling, a well-controlled chaos hovering just below the surface. One of the most recognizable collaborators on this must be Mike Watt—he only features briefly on the album, but Minutemen are the other most obvious comparison to make. About as expertly executed as you’d expect from this cast of players. –Indiana Laub (Total Life Society)