SCANDALS, THE: This Country Is Going to Hell: 7”

Sep 22, 2016

Garland, Texas, street punks, The Scandals—not to be confused with the New Jersey band of the same name—have incredibly impressive hair. While it can be somewhat jarring to see liberty spikes alive and well atop someone’s head in 2016, let’s not forget what we can intuit from such a hairstyle: commitment to one’s craft. This commitment is also apparent in both the band’s mission statement—to keep street punk alive in Texas and never stop—as well as the four songs that make up the band’s latest EP, This Country Is Going to Hell—distributed by self-proclaimed “geezer punk” label, Slope Records—on stunning absinthe-colored vinyl. Be forewarned: to dismiss The Scandals as yet another stuck-in-the-past, “old man yells at cloud” punk band is to miss out on some surprisingly memorable, dynamic barnburners and a lot of seriously ripping guitar work. We’re talking ‘80s hair metal caliber riffs and solos here. They’re also mad about some stuff you’re probably mad about too. –Kelley O’Death (Slope, [email protected],