SCAM #10, 25th Anniversary Issue, $8 ppd., 8 ½” x 11”, copied, 160 pgs.

Mar 23, 2017

I’ve only read back as far as issue #9 of Scam in which Eric Lyle did a badass history of Black Flag’s Damaged. It read like a more exciting Thirty Three and a Third series books and it cost a lot less. I was lucky to see Lyle read at Quimby’s earlier this winter while he was touring for a book he’d just edited, Streetopia, which is more or less about how cities treat their DIY art scenes like absolute shit with one hand while opening the door to the Googles and Twitters and other digital empires with the other. Anyway, in person and on the page, Lyle’s a funny, self-effacing conversational genius, and this 25th anniversary issue feels like a well-attended zine-party jammed with all his pet interests and best friends pulled from all corners of the punk landscape. What’s good? I enjoyed that juice about fake Greyhound tickets, the piece on Coffee Not Cops, and the interview with visual artist Edie Fake, which takes place in the desert where Fake lives, and during which Lyle and Fake discuss the ghostly qualities of bars and clubs that live on in the mind after their physical representations have been razed away. What else? There’s a Ramones Reiki inspirational art piece by Fly, perfectly sized to be a cutout bookmark or daily affirmation card to place at your desk. I wanna live, I wanna be well, I wanna you to read this. –Jim Joyce (

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