SASS DRAGONS: True Adventure: LP

Sep 22, 2016

Plenty of Cong-jangle and bounce glued together with earlier (i.e. “less slick”) Mean Jeans surf-beat while still bringing shards of Chi-town HC. The first Sass LPs touched me in a Queers-meets-Effigies/Raygun place. This is a “maturing” Dragons, a little slicker, but still ready to regale the listener with tales of last night’s party. Instead of a slash and burn PBR bender though, the record contains tunes using a saxophone, a flute, and even a couple of slow jams. So it’s a listening equivalent of a fancy mix drink. With a pineapple and a little plastic sword. And an umbrella. But the umbrella is on fire. I’ll take two of those. Recommended. –Matt Seward (Let’s Pretend, / No Breaks,

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