SANTA ANA KNIGHTS: Knight Skool: 7”

Aug 02, 2017

San Diego five-piece, Santa Ana Knights, are wacky in the most endearing way. Featuring Davey Quinn of Tiltwheel, the band are flush with medieval-space-dinosaur imagery, a scrappy rock/pop punk hybrid sound, and nihilistic drunk-dude-ranting-on-a-street-corner lyrics. They kick off their first EP, Knight Skool, with the sunny, catchy track, “The Bartender,” and its opening line: “Interstellar Flatulence!” Maybe they’re implying that we’re all made of star farts; it’s sort of a beautiful sentiment when you think about it. Also on the A side, “Kettner Blvd RNC”—originally titled “Somethin Somethin Crazy Talk”—drives a bit harder and features lyrics that may actually be based on someone’s unhinged ramblings overheard near the waterfront. There’s a through-line here that carries over to the B side, both in the upbeat “Smack My Bitch Up”-esque narrative of “How’d I Get Home?” and the semi-incoherent, fully-ridiculous proclamations of love on the title track, “Night Skool.” That is, you may not always know what the fuck Santa Ana Knights are talking about—the jury’s still out on whether they know what the fuck they’re talking about—but you’re gonna have a damn good time listening to it regardless. –Kelley O’Death (Red Brontosaurus,