Apr 08, 2019

This double CD barrage of mid- to late-’90s Polish hardcore left my speakers bedraggled with crusty rime. While the first disc opens with a swirling hardcore opus reminiscent of early Discharge, events then quickly veer towards a prolonged pummeling that seems to channel the spirits of Born Against and Squalora. Offerings continue in this fashion into the second CD, but then things get kind of weird, in a good way—the second half of the second disc is a series of shorter blasts, replete with various cinematic sound bites, but frequently backed with synthetic dance beats. It comes off sounding like house music for crust punks. In point of fact, the first disc is a bunch of stuff either from split 7” records or previously unreleased material, and the second is unreleased and/or demo stuff. There is a vague note about the “LP released by Scream Records in 1998,” but I have no idea to what specifically on the second disc that refers. –The Lord Kveldulfr (Nikt Nic Nie Wie)