SALVATION ARMY, THE: Mind Gardens: 2 x 7” EP

May 24, 2022

The first single by this seminal band associated with Los Angeles’s “Paisley Underground” scene gets a mighty fine reissue. Originally released on the legendary New Alliance Records label (owned and operated by the Minutemen) in 1981, this reissue is blessed with a second slab o’ wax with two more tunes from the same session. At this juncture, before they were legally forced to change their name to The Three O’Clock and they leaned heavier into a janglier ’60s psych-rock sound, they were sporting a bit more of a punkier edge to their tuneage, sounding more like something Posh Boy would’ve gleefully put out than, say, the Bangles, or even themselves in a couple of years—a grittier take on what came later. Superb tuneage that still stands the test of time some forty-one years later. This remains one of the highlights—and a reminder—of a time when the “sound” of L.A.’s punk scene was still wide open and hadn’t yet been saddled with the plethora of rules and pressures to homogenize that ultimately caused it to splinter into a thousand sub-scenes. Mandatory this is. –Jimmy Alvarado (Yep Roc)

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