SALTY: Dry Rub: CS

Sep 26, 2019

It’s a “yes” from me, dawg. There’s something about this Salty cassette that I can’t quite pin down. It’s a little creepy with its Gary Numan-esque synths, it’s a little dancey with its paradiddlin’ drums, and it’s inescapably catchy. So basically: Dry Rub is one of my favorite new releases of 2019. With clever melodies and masterful songwriting, Salty’s definitely a thinking man’s band. They sort of remind me of Devo, but they’re not stuck operating the way-back machine. Having said that, Salty’s cover of Guided By Voices’ “Motor Away” is downright gorgeous. It’s actually pretty challenging to describe their sound, other than I wholly dig it. It’s a safe bet you will, too. You know, unless you hate music and America. –Simone Carter (What’s For Breakfast?, [email protected],