Sad Vacation—The Last Days of Sid and Nancy: DVD

Mar 23, 2017

Although I am a fan of filmmaker Danny Garcia’s chosen subject matter in the past (The Clash, Johnny Thunders), I was a bit suspect of this particular story. Hadn’t the story of Sid been covered in movies like 1980’s DOA and Alex Cox’s Sid and Nancy? Apparently, I was wrong. Although this movie does have some new information, it can’t decide if it wants to be a music documentary or a bad version of Unsolved Mysteries. There are credible interviews with Bob Gruen and Walter Lure, along with some lesser-known friends of the doomed couple. A number of storylines are left unresolved. One drug dealer is painted as a possible suspect, but where is he now? Dead? That is left unanswered. The tragedy of Sid dying from drugs provided to him by his mom is really horrible to see and hear depicted in the movie. Once Sid died, the case on trying to find Nancy’s killer was tossed aside. It’s too bad that we may never know the real answer. –Sean Koepenick (MVD Visual, 203 Windsor Rd., Pottstown, PA 19464)

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