SAD GIRLZ CLUB: Hard Feelings: CD

Aug 01, 2019

When they get to the chorus of the first track “Ex-Men,” I felt like I was listening to a mash up of two different bands. Then the second track switches to deeper male vocals with female harmonizing over a bright guitar riff. Most of the songs sound heavily Auto-Tuned and remind me of Teen Idols’ Pucker Up. I feel that I’d rather hear more raw emotion in the main singer than a doctored version. Lyrically, they’re catchy and introspective. Musically, they’re fast with crooning melodies layered over. I went ahead and watched some live videos online and those songs sound so much stronger without studio magic on them. So I suppose my only fault with this record is the production. Otherwise they’re a band that firmly straddles the line between pop and punk. Definitely the kind of band you would find at Fest. –Kayla Greet (Bomb Pop)