May 27, 2020

Do you ever have a moment where a person you’ve known for years starts your new favorite band? I hope everyone is allowed at least one of those. Singer/guitarist Michelle Pannell has been a friend of mine for close to a decade and she used to practice with her old band Ubik in my garage. She’s always been a powerhouse performer and incredibly talented with songwriting, but with this new project, Le Saboteur, I’m in love. It hits parts riot grrrl, indie, grunge, punk, and pop in such artistic and consistent ways. There’s this line in “Tightrope” (“Face the fact that maybe / Hell’s been closer lately / Fight the Earth for safety / Now foundations are breaking”) that straight gives me chills every time. It’s showcased so well and clear while the music is stripped down to just guitar and slowly building drums and bass. Michelle belts out with such vulnerability and honesty that I get emotional. Then a whiplash of notes slams in. I keep thinking that “Tightrope” is the best song on the record but then “Distant Hum” comes on and I’m a mess all over again. I keep heaping praise upon them but it still doesn’t seem like enough. Snag this EP and listen to it every day. I feel so lucky they relocated to Seattle from San Diego. When we’re all allowed to leave our houses again, I want Le Saboteur to be the first show I go to. –Kayla Greet (Self-released)           

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