RVIVR: “The Tide” b/w “Shaggy”: 7”

Sep 20, 2017

Name a more dynamic songwriting duo than Erica Freas and Mattie Jo Canino? This single is a fucking banger, aesthetically somewhere between the intentional poetics of Beauty Between and the punk rawness of The Joester Sessions. Fans of Erica Freas’s work may recognize some overlap between her solo record and this 7”, but in ways that touch not leap. The songs breathe; they’re driving and personal, with that complex energy that RVIVR brings like no one else. It feels like you got a page ripped out of a shared notebook filled with memories and new moon intentions, drenched in raindrops, coffee stains, and the will to go on. The only mystery here is what the hell is that street sign on the cover? –Candace Hansen (One Brick Today)