RVIVR: Bicker and Breathe: CS

Nov 22, 2017

As far as I know, this album has been out for a few years, but maybe this is a reissue. I haven’t kept up with RVIVR the way I used to around the time of their first couple albums, but (at least as of whenever this was recorded) they’ve still got it. For all the shreddy, angsty, shout-sing-y political pop punk that has sprung up in the wake of this band, no one really does it quite like they do. Huge powerpop hooks, fuck-yeah guitar solos, raspy vocals pushed to the limit. I looked up the words to this tape on the internet and they’re written in ALL CAPITALS, which is more or less how they’re actually delivered. –Indiana Laub (Dead Broke, [email protected], deadbrokerecords.com)