RUTS D.C., THE: Music Must Destroy: CD/LP

Nov 23, 2016

This is a really interesting album, one which is massively different to the band’s last effort, Rhythm Collision Vol. 2., where there was more focus on dub and dance than rock. Music Must Destroy is a return to a more guitar-lead approach, but I did find myself scratching my head at times. There are moments of fist-shaking anger, but, equally, many of the tracks owe a debt to the 1970s, especially on “Peace Bomb,” a song that conjures up an image of Marc Bolen. Even my wife came in to find out what I was listening to, as she thought it was something more in line with her mainstream tastes. In terms of a target audience, it’s difficult to know who is going to be into this. It’s certainly grown on me, and more, because of the quality of songwriting than anything else. Some might find that it lacks the fire they are looking for. Nevertheless, it’s an intriguing record.–Rich Cocksedge (Westworld,