RUSSIAN GIRLFRIENDS: In the Parlance of Our Times: LP

Sep 26, 2019

In the Parlance of Our Times hits the floor kicking, screaming, and making a big musical statement with “Coke,” a hardcore burst that has the urgency of Circle Jerks as it spews forth for sixty-seven glorious seconds. I was ready for more of the same but the opener was a bit of a curveball as the remainder of the album—whilst undeniably built on punk rock blocks—takes on more of an aggressive rock quality. It took me a few goes to get my head around that sea change but after a while I bought into the more dominant sound. It’s full of well-structured songs with interesting guitar interplay, bashed drums, and thought-provoking lyrics which have some great images within them. This is a strong debut that keeps the punches coming from start to finish. –Rich Cocksedge (A-F,