RUNNAMUCKS: Back to the Muck: 7” EP

Nov 20, 2023

Apparently this is the lost album from way back in 1997. Pretty wild! Why did this sit so long? Twelve songs of blazing fast hardcore punk that was heavily influenced by the early ’80s bands, and definitely by Jerry’s Kids. This Florida outfit never really got the recognition they deserved, which to this day boggles my mind. They were way better than the majority of bands around during their time, so what gives? Anyway, we can all hang out some night and discuss this. For now let’s focus on this ripper, and how you should make a point to get it. It’s fast, it’s raw, it’s direct. Jocks, the Establishment, society, heroes and more are all targets of their ire. You really need to get this. It’s so good it’s ridiculous. –Matt Average (Orlando Punk Archive,

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