RUNHIDEFIGHT: “He’s a Jerk” b/w “Because I Love You”: 7”

Jan 30, 2019

The return of former Philly garage mainstay Geeta Simons (ex-Rockula and Swisher) is a quick two-song EP that features Simons on the jacket with her custom-made double-neck 12-string electric guitar and 12-string sitar. Between the doo-wop influence, the double-neck instrument, and Simons’ green hair and sneering vocals, this band would play great in a Tarantino movie. Which strangely might fit with some of the overarching influences of RunHideFight, named after the terrifying new normal of how we teach children (and adults) to survive in the era of mass shootings. I’m one hundred percent sure that this band could set up in a basement, a garage, or a club and sound great and it’s cool to see folks who just still believe that punk is what can save us now. –Theresa W. (Hidden Volume,