RULER: “Tiger” b/w “Gimme Some Noise”: 7”

May 23, 2018

A surprise I wasn’t expecting—new band featuring Fink from Teengenerate/Raydios. Fink’s name is what got my attention, but the rest of the band deserves mention, a pedigree featuring other Japanese garage/punk luminaries (including a Young One and a Rip Off Records alumni). It’s not as much the fireball explosion of speed and blown-out sound as Teengenerate; maybe more driving and raw than Raydios (who rock in a more Dictators-esque vein). The guitar has plenty of low end without being muddy (think of the crunch of a Gibson SG). So, your mind’s eye’s ear should have a good idea of what to expect. This 7” is limited to two hundred in the U.S. so if you haven’t gotten it already, you may have to be satisfied with listening to it on Bandcamp. Ruler is good for what ails me these days and I hope for more, sooner rather than later. –Sal Lucci (Secret Mission, / Mangrove)