ROYAL HOUNDS: God Bless the Royal Hounds: LP

Sep 26, 2019

These guys put out a demo last year that brought a lot of attention to them because its members of recently hyped oi bands Criminal and the Brass. The songs here are simple, catchy oi numbers that lean on minor keys, but the guitars here keep things moving and add so much to the sound. The bass is kind of all over the place. Shit, man. This is a really good band. They all play their parts, you know? I don’t think that happens a lot on modern punk or oi records, to be just a band of people that knows exactly what they’re doing and can concentrate on this line or this passage without having to worry about keeping it together just to finish the song. The bass is constantly moving. The drums patterns are well thought-out and work with the songs instead of just providing a backdrop. This is pretty much essential if you’re into oi, but if you are one of the folks that got into oi recently through the hype behind bands like Vanity or Crown Court then this should be your next purchase to further your interest in the style. Fantastic record. –Ian Wise (Oi The Boat,

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