ROUND EYE: Culture Shock Treatment: LP/CD

Sep 29, 2020

Round Eye is still sticking it to the man—or to be more correct, that should be men—as these Americans based in China are attacking two nations rather than just the one. The good news is that musically the band still has its ear attuned to a slightly off-kilter sound, which on this, its third album, has been aided by Mike Watt and Bill Stevenson twiddling knobs. The title track kicks off the proceedings with a musical cacophony before turning into a track that wouldn’t be out of place if performed by The Dickies. Beyond that track there is a Rocket From The Crypt saxophone-like drive to many songs and also a pretty good cover of Captain Beefheart’s “Circumstances.” They also cover “Endless Sleep,” written in the 1950s by Jody Reynolds, and although it’s not the first time it’s been re-recorded, I’m sure this will stand out as a totally unique attempt. A total of fifteen tracks means that you get a lot of bang for your buck or even your renminbi, depending on your currency. –Rich Cocksedge (Paper + Plastick,

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