ROUGHMAX AND THE STEAMROLLERS: Roots in the Blues, Crown Far Ahead: CD

Jul 25, 2018

I couldn’t find any information about this band except I think they’re from Italy. Their first song is called “Candy Ass Blues” and the second song has a wanky ‘70s funk guitar. Strangely, by the time the fifth song (of nine) comes around, the music sounds like it was meant for a piano lounge. The vocals on most of the songs are distorted, which I always find frustrating. It’s okay to do it for a song or two, but it’s too much for every track. In the end I will add this to the list of “Records I’ve gotten to review for Razorcake that are pretty good for the genre they play but I don’t know anything about it. Why did they send it to us?” –Kurt Morris (No address listed)