Rough Realism Complete, By Bread Rohl, 254 pgs.

Jul 20, 2021

One-panel comics with a simple drawing of a little kid from the chest up and a caption where they naively repeat something shitty their dad said. For example, “When my mom said she had some exciting news, my dad guessed that she was starting a new diet. She said she got a promotion at work.”

Sometimes the mom gets a burn in on the dad, but beyond that, nothing changes. Parenting is stressful and can bring out the worst, but these comics give no insight into the dad’s abusive behavior. It makes for a tedious, one-note read that had me exhausted and dispirited by the time I got halfway through. –Chris Terry (Rough Realism Books, PO Box 292455, Columbia, SC 29229, $8)

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