ROUGH KIDS: Self-titled: LP

Sep 22, 2016

As I read through the liner notes, I literally gasped. The notes state that all songs are written by Rough Kids except “Breaking Out” by Oscar Drill & The Bits, a fictional band from the overlooked sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Shock Treatment. “Breaking Out” is not only the best song in the cult flick but a song I’ve wanted to cover for years. You’ll find it after the B side locked groove, which admittedly took some assistance for me to find. Even without the excellent cover, Rough Kids won me over with their lightening fast, riff-addicted punk in the vein of Testors and The Shitty Limits, with the right amount of spit and snarl. The songs stick to your frontal lobe until you find yourself chanting, “Animaa City! Animaa City! Animaa City!” –Sean Arenas (Sorry State, [email protected],