ROSHŌMON: Pathogen X: LP

Apr 08, 2019

This album is proof there is still plenty of innovation to be had in hardcore. There are only six songs on this slab, but the punch leaves the ringing of listening to a seminal record. The album moves feverishly at a full-on thrash pace with occasional discordant interludes breaking the speed long enough to keep the album from going awash in rapid fire songwriting. My favorite transition between songs is wedged between two full-blown blazers: the end of “Criminal” utilizing a D.C. hardcore-tinged melody to tap the breaks before a stylishly sloppy East Bay thrash intro launches “Forced Abduction” into ramming speed. If you can’t fully visualize it based on my words, understand I’m really excited about the space between two songs on this record. The rest of the record is good too. –Billups Allen (Iron Lung, ironlungpv.bandcamp)