Jan 26, 2021

Back in my early twenties when I was ensnared in the darkness of The Cure and Joy Division, I imagine I could see the nuance in goth music. But like youth crew hardcore or Bachata music, it all sounds the same to me now that I’m in my forties. There’s always a grooving bass line that you hear in many a Joy Division or early Cure track. There is also a drum sound that doesn’t lead one to be able to determine if it’s a drum machine or human being powering the beat. The vocals are dark and airy, sometimes suave and other times seductive. The guitar always has a light, hypnotic tone. I suppose if you’re dying for new goth music, Rosetta Stone will hit the spot, but on the rare occasion I want to get into this darker mindset, I’ll put on Joy Division’s Substance and be just fine. –Kurt Morris (Cleopatra)