ROCK ‘N’ ROLL HORROR ZINE, THE #2, 5½” x 8½”, copied, 40pgs.

Jan 30, 2019

This collection of horror fiction is the opposite of a band like, say, The Misfits. It’s horror about rock rather than rock about horror. It’s a fun, trashy read that can be on the predictable side. For example, take the story about an ancient guitar chord unleashing a Lovecraftian hell upon the world, or the one about a death metal band calling up a Lovecraftian hell upon the world, or zombie punk bands, all of which are fine for a bus ride. However, at times it gets pretty creative, take “End Times at Rock ‘n’ Roll Joey’s,” a story about a rockabilly diner serving the haggard survivors and mutants of an apocalyptic world. Most of the material is pretty light, horror fare (not Groovy Ghoulies light, but there’s nothing you’ll have to leaves lights on after reading), however, I have to admit Ben Fitts’ “Reality,” with its cyberpunk take on murderous death metal, will get under your skin if you let it. –Craven Rock ([email protected],