ROCK ‘N’ ROLL FOREVER!, $15, 8½” x 11”, copied, 108 pgs.

Nov 22, 2017

This zine consists of more than a hundred pages of full-color photographs documenting the photographer’s experience of the last decade of DIY punk in the United States (mostly). The price may be steep enough to warrant some double-takes, but it makes sense if you consider this a punk rock yearbook, something to flip through in search of some unfocused memory, the approximation of a feeling. It’s a scrapbook of someone who’s been to a ton of punk places and met a ton of punk people. There are wild stagedives and posed band photo shoots as well as more understated shots: friends goofing off in fast food restaurants, waiting around in vans, exploring dilapidated buildings, just hanging out. Maybe half of the photos are captioned with the names of the bands or people pictured, while the rest are left context-free and mysterious. Scribbled drawings in Sharpie and ballpoint pen line the margins. Some shots are immediately striking, while others might have been unremarkable in another context—presented all together like this, they make something familiar and sweet. An honest and unaffected tribute to a certain kind of life from someone who was there and thought to make some kind of record. –Indiana Laub (Rock ‘n’ Roll Forever!, PO Box 1959, New York, NY 10013)