ROBOTS, LES: “Do the Robot!” b/w “One Way Ticket to the Moon”: 7”

May 20, 2019

This 7” is less than six minutes of surfy rock/space robot 1960s movie music influenced by The Shadows. The two tracks include a Selmer Clavioline and Hohner Multimonica, which are the perfect additions to the space vibe. “Do the Robot!” sounds like it would be the perfect Space Mountain soundtrack song. “One Way Ticket to the Moon” starts out with a surf-meets-old-western guitar build up, and continues to elevate its sounds as I imagine a rocket ship headed toward the moon. The song intensifies as the rocket ship hits space, soft vocal “aah ahhs” insinuate that the mission has been a success, and the song fades out as if to signify that the trip to the moon has been achieved. If only space travel was this easy! ­–Cynthia Pinedo (Spazz)


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