Show Me The Body at UC Theatre, Berkeley, 3/4/23 | Photo by Rob Coons

Rob Coons Photo Column—Show Me The Body

Apr 15, 2023

Show Me The Body is one of the hottest bands playing these days. They just came off a full U.S. tour and are getting ready to head over to Europe. The intense focus of their sets spills over into the crowd and turns the audience into a circle-pitting and stage-diving frenzy. The great thing about their shows is they demand the club removes any barriers between the audience and the band. Some clubs will actually refuse to abide, but most remove them, and we all know this creates a much better show! This photo was taken at one of the clubs that refused to remove the barrier. It was taken right after the singer of Show Me The Body launched a stage dive a good fifteen feet over the gap and into the audience! It was so wild to see!

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