ROADSIDE BOMBS: Best of the Best: 7”

Jan 31, 2018

It’s hard to accept that it’s been eight years since MRR’s legendary Bruce Roehrs passed away. An anomaly in big zine culture—from his writing style, to his advocacy for subgenres that rarely get positive press—Roehrs meant so much to so many. This 7” picture disc pays tribute to Roehrs on the song “Best of the Best” and also includes another track, “45.” Both songs are from the band’s latest LP, Rise Up! Roadside Bombs formed in Sonoma in 2005, playing tons of shows and releasing piles of records since then. With their deceptively mid-tempo, seemingly imitative formula, Roadside Bombs have a hypnotic, cool quality that I’ve always enjoyed. Bruce Roehrs would have loved this record, which is the ultimate standard to beat. –Art Ettinger (Pirates Press,