Sep 16, 2021

I’m not quite sure if this band is actually from Atlanta in the now or London in 1975. Hard edged, pub rock’n’roll—junk shop style, oi-adjacent, glam punk stompers. Think Giuda or The (underrated) Riffs. Or perhaps a less “speed kills,” more “grab a pint” Chubby And The Gang, if that makes sense. If it does, then you need this 12”. Yeah, yeah, it’s not a 7”, but it is 45 RPM, so all of you single purists can just chill the fuck out. This record is going on my turntable for all of the foreseeable Friday night, homebound record parties. –Chad Williams (Spaghetty Town, spaghettytown.com / Wanda, wandarecords.de)

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