RIVERS EDGE: Self-titled: CS

Nov 22, 2017

Your members include folks responsible for pieces of TBIAPB, Future Virgins, ADD/C, ThunderKrotch, and, most importantly, Rice Harvester. Yet Rivers Edge, while bringing hooks aplenty, carries an angrier weight in their tunes. It’s a darkness you can live with though, even take comfort in. It’s the audio equivalent of sitting on a friend’s couch until the wee hours of the morning, hashing out your opinions on how the world is going to hell, but knowing you’ll wake up together tomorrow ready to fight the good fight with full hearts and side by side. If you’re reading this zine, you should be buying this release. Professional cassette, Zach Hobbs cover art, and lyrics sheet. –Matt Seward (Buzzards Gotta Eat, riversedgechattanooga.bandcamp.com)