Jan 05, 2022

The world has been sorely missing a new record from Texas heroes Riverboat Gamblers. Sure, I would have preferred a new batch of originals, but I’m absolutely down for a couple ripping covers, which is exactly what the boys have brought forth. As you can tell by the title, we have Ramones and Motörhead—two bands that the term “legendary” doesn’t even begin to describe—and while they’re covered often, they’re not always done the justice they deserve. The originals of “Bonzo Goes to Bitburg” and “No Voices in the Sky” happen to be among my favorite songs by each band respectively, and I’m happy to report that the Gamblers have done them up right. Now that my whistle is wet, bring on the main course. Let’s eat! GFFG –Ty Stranglehold (Anxious And Angry, riverboatgamblers.bandcamp.com)

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