RIVALRY: Sometimes You Have to Look Back: LP/CD

Nov 20, 2023

This trio comprises members who’ve played in the likes of Blitz, Down And Outs, Epic Problem, and Ducking Punches, so the band definitely has some pedigree to it. Sometimes You Have to Look Back was a slow burner for me but once my fire was ignited fully, I quickly lost myself in the melodic, gritty punk rock. Before getting sucked into the songs themselves, I was aware of how well the record sounded. There’s an edginess to the recording, with the constituent parts being allowed to almost bleed into each other rather than have their own distinct, sterile quality. That’s not to say it was messy—far from it—as it felt like it was an organic sound where the overlapping elements worked perfectly together. Song-wise, there are a whole bunch of singalong moments here and it’s a highly enjoyable listen. –Rich Cocksedge (Brassneck, brassneckrecords.bigcartel.com / Fixing A Hole, fixingahole.jpn.org)

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